Anyone Can Ride! Georgetown’s Only Regularly Scheduled Bus Service.

Masks are now required by Federal Law. For more information visit the CDC website

BGCAP Transit - Georgetown Public Transit Route Proposed Changes

BGCAP Transit is on the move! We are currently seeking public comments. Please view our YouTube videos to learn more about local and regional public transit route changes in our service area communities.

Describes the upcoming changes to BGCAP Transit's general public deviated fixed route transit service in Georgetown.

Let Us Do The Driving!

GTran operates Monday thru Saturday in the city of Georgetown, Kentucky. It is open to the public and the route loops 6 times daily. Anyone Can Ride! GTran is an accessible transportation service which includes a lift for mobility devices such as wheelchairs and for those that cannot navigate steps easily.

About GTran

GTran is a bus service assisting the community of Georgetown, Kentucky with accessibility for anyone. GTran is open to the public and is a sponsored program of Blue Grass Community Partnership (BGCAP) and Bluegrass Ultra-Transit Service (BUS). GTran is part of a growing web of local transportation services provided by BGCAP and BUS services. With the support of the Federal Transit Administration and the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, Office of Transportation Delivery, the people of Georgetown now have affordable access to the community.

GTran Routes

GTran has 2 routes, Blue and Red. The Blue Route runs the North and south, servicing Downtown Georgetown, downtown neighborhoods, Georgetown College and multiple locations along the Broadway corridor ending at Washington Square. The Red Route begins at Washington Square, travels to Kroger and serves the commercial district between Kroger and Walmart with several stops in between. Riders may choose to transfer routes to shorten their trips at one of two transfer points. See the route map and schedules for details.